Help! Build a budget PC

Basically, I need a cheap gaming PC. Around $400-$500. So, please comment some suggestions. And so you have a background, I'm not that really a hardcore gamer. I will also use this PC for my college works. Thanks in advance.


do you game at all? or will you just use it for word/powerpoint/ect

check this out it is the build i am getting minus the graphics card but you can pic up a 660 ti for about $120

I play games like HON, DOTA. But mostly ragnarok xD


any alternatives for graphics card? another concern will it fit bitfenix prodigy case? 


it all should but you could get a gt 620 it isn't bad but its not good

that board would not fit in a prodegy

Thank you so much. I will inquire these parts in the store.

Can you come up with a build? coz my resource is so limited. I can't buy online and I only depend on the store available here. Thanks