Help! Audio Problems with Windows 8.. Dx

I just recently changed over to W8 and when listening to audio (mainly music) the sound will randomly become terribly distorted and just basically sounds like a violent attack being carried out on a goat with throat cancer.. 

So far I've reinstalled my audio drivers. No change. 

Checked my audio device (Audio Technica ATH-M50's) they are fine and my PC does this on other headphones too.

Change music players (foobar2000, iTunes ect.) No change.

Changed audio jacks. Didn't help.

Prayed to Bill Gates.. Surprisingly ended in a failure.

After trying all this I'm at a complete loss as to what's going wrong and how to fix it(:

Any help anyone could give me would great >.<   

Can you boot a linux live cd (such as ubuntu) and play some music, to see if the issue is windows/software related or hardware related? Simple. Quick. Informative.

You should install Linux then see if you have that problem in foobar and if not just downgrade to win 7 but there could be a better way to solve this im just popin in

i said the same thing but didn't see your comment sorry not trying to copy suggestions 

I will go ahead and do that now.(:

Great minds think alike eh? :D