Help! Are m.2 ssds gone?

I was supposed to be switching all of my drives from my old to my newer msi laptop (its 2nd hand but newer)

That includes a 1tb hdd, 1 128gb m.2, 1 500gb m.2

I booted the msi laptop for a final check to its OS drive without plugging it. Then pressed the power button and proceeded to transfer my drives.

After finishing and turning it upside down i saw the led indicator was blinking. I realized that it may have been in hibernate all this time and i may have shorted the m.2s since i wasnt able to cleanly place them on the pins because of its ridiculous placement on the laptops mobo.

The msi laptop did not boot at all and was just turning on for about 2 secs then powers off with any of the drives i newly placed. I tried other drives and it seems to be switching on without a drive or with a drive that is not related to my old laptop. And by switching on, i mean fans are running, cpu gpu is heating but no display on the monitor and storage reading in the LED indicator

I checked if my drives are still working on my older laptop and now its in the state as my msi laptop.

Im really desperate now, my work really depends on this. If i can just get either one to work id be very thankful. 2020 has not been good to me. Im a month or 2 away from being broke. Please help


Really sorry to hear this

In case this is a recovery mission :sleepy:
With your different drives where is you data stored? If you connected them to another computer (not your laptops) would you be able to retrieve the data?

If you had a clean drive would you be able to reinstall your OS? Why to determine if the laptop is still good

This can of course also be checked if you are electronically inclined with a volt meter. I am not sure I understand if it does power up at all or just not the display?

If it still powers on can you connect an external display? See if you can see and access it?

Sorry hands-on diagnostic is a lot easier then from my armchair :wink:

Let us know how you go?

All the best from DownUnder(Sydney)


Hi henrik, i have a desktop that i have not tapped for a long time. I’ll check that today and see if my drives from the laptop are working.

Both laptops has power upon plugging and batteries are detected thru the led indicator.
When switching it on, the fans ramp up whenever the cpu heats up. I just dont know if it really is doing something because the led does not indicate it reading something and no display at all.

I will try to hook up an external monitor later.

I can also test it with a multi meter but im not very proficient on which pins to check and what voltage to set it

Hybernate should cut power to every major component, and is functionally the same as the system being completely off. You can even lose power to a hybernating system and then boot/resume as you normally would.
I think, if the M.2 SSDs somehow shorted/killed your laptops or were killed by your laptops, it wasn’t because you accidently put it into hybernate instead of off. To achieve a lower power state would require unplugging the battery.

I’m not really much help, though; my only guess is some EFI or intrusion detection silliness locking down your computers because it detected a hardware change or something.
Is it powercycling, or does it just turn on and not display anything/show any other signs of life? Do you get any post beeps or LED blinking to indicate some kind of failure? Can you mash del to get into a bios menu?

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Thats actually a helpful insight. Btw I also attempted to switch the RAMS but they dont hqve the same pins

With the drives from my old laptop, the msi laptop does power cycle. Turns on for 1 or 2 secs then turns off v.v. i also heard a low beep

With other drives it turns on like its going to boot but the screen does not display anything.

Don’t know if this’ll help;

I had to cycle the power to my PC 3 times waiting 3mins each time to revive an SSD with firmware that was “frozen” or bricked because of a power outage. Turns out its quite common and that’s the simple fix

My SSD manufacturer later released a firmware update that resets the firmware automatically to avoid the problem. Just have to stare at the bios screen for an entire 60seconds before it’ll load anything when it triggers

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