Help anyone?

So I am posting again because nobody was able to answer me last time I posted this issue here. 

So I just installed latest Nvidia drivers and they dont work. If I try to play any game, after like a minute game will crash and little popup comes and says: "nvidia display driver stopped responding and has recovered". Only driver that seems to work with no problem is 331.82, but only if I disable all other features like Geforce Experience, 3d vision etc. So I really need help right now.

What I have tried: prefering maximum performance from nvidia control panel, reinstalling Win 8, updating Win 8, setting gpu to stock clocks

My specs: Fractal design 750w PSU, i7 4770k, Asus GTX 780, 2tb HDD, 60 gb SSD, Noctua NH-U12s, 8gb KIngston 1600 mhz ram, Asus z87 A mobo, Zalman z11 case

what game are you playing? trying using DDUI, display driver uninstaller in safe mode to wipe your display drivers then try installing them again

I play multiple games. I will try that 

Didnt work :(

tried using the beta drivers?

try putting the video card in another pci express slot

that error could also occur of you are overclocking too much. If your card is factory overclocked, try restoring the reference clock with afterburner

You may have to go hunting in your driver cache folder to find and delete the residual driver files for the card before you reinstall. All else fails, you can go to Asus's website instead of nVidia's and download the driver from them. It won't be as new, but it should work. All of the other suggestions may also be the cause of your problems (unstable overclock, faulty power supply, faulty motherboard connection, etc.)

you could use driver sweeper to get rid of the residual files

I still cant get it to work. Like I said I can play BF4 and other games with 331.82 driver and I can overclock my GTX 780 as well. The weird thing is that my friend who has GTX 770, has this same problem and he can only play games with that same driver. What is going on? I have updated everything from win 8 to my mobo

I tried to modify my Display drivers. Didnt work

maybe a clean install of windows and drivers ? you should take a look in BIOS for the PCIe frequency (maybe you set it higher than 100) -- also, you should make sure it doesn't overheat (the GPU i mean)


good luck ! i get the same thing when i make the GPU clock way too high