Help almost perfect headless vm host

Hello everyone.

I am almost done with my setup, but i have two and an half issues i am experiencing.

I saw the. Video on looking-glass about how looking glass works. So a host and a Linux vm + windows vm. I want to do the same if possible.

I have a i5-12500 on a Asus rig b660-i mini itx. This limits my option to add additional hardware.

Issue one
I am trying to passthrough intel onboard audio, i have done this successfully but my sound options is limited primary missing hdmi sound for my monitor. Dell u3818dw this screen does not have a line in.

Issue one and half
When passingthrough the intel onboard audio sound is a dummy device for like 2 minuts.

What logs do i need to provide?

Issue two if the setup above cannot be achieved i would like to go with a Linux host with a windows vm that auto starts. However if it auto start before user login on linux pulse audio passthrugh does not work. Seems to be permissions issue as it works if the windows is auto started when logged in. I do not know where to look for making this work been trying for a few days now.

Ps sorry for my spelling mistakes, as i do suffer from dyslexia

I’d suggest looking into scream (specifically the network mode). All you need to do is start the scream client on the linux host on boot, and run the service on your windows VM. It works really well with looking glass too.

The HDMI device is most likely attached to your video card. If you’re using looking glass you probably won’t be able to pass it to your VM. If you have your screen showing the output of the passed through GPU, then HDMI audio should just work.