Help/Advice needed for first builds!


I'm in need of help and anvice, I'm no master of computer building, I'm not even a novice, but I some what understand the concept of "what = better".

Edit: Buying from NEW (All the Item numbers if entered into the search will take you directly to the part)


That being said, I have a spread sheet with 3 pc builds:

1st. Programmer (Brandon [Me])

2nd. Visuals* (Erick)

3rd. Audio* (Mario)

I was hoping someone would be able to advise me as to what is necessary and what is just overboard, mind you, my pc (emphasis on "personal computer") is going to also serve as the test pc aswell (we're going to run our games on it to test them) so,

1st PC: Programming, Testing, Gaming, Daily use.

2nd PC: Visuals; Art, Animation, 3D Modeling, Daily use. 

3rd PC: Audio; Sound, Music.

Those are what the computers are going to be used for no more no less.

For my computer I want to run 1080p at most and run high framerates, onhigh end games (skyrin, farcry 3, Saints Row the third).

The other computers need to be able to do their jobs, gaming performance does not matter, AT ALL with the audio pc, but with the Visuals PC it needs to be able to do simple gaming, seeing as there's going to be alot of rendering, might as well allow it to play some games.

Other than that there's nothing more to say, there are a few things I am NOT going to change:

The casing

The operating system (as if I had to say it)

The mouse and the Keyboard

Other than that have at it, but please no "Noob shaming" this is my first time, so if It's bad I do apollogise, if it's good for a first time then cool, I tried my best :)

Thank you for putting up with me and my non stop rambling, all help is appreciated!

Thank you,

Brandon Hernandez

Look at link and tell me if it's overkill or not 

Triple sized PSUs in the second and third rig, and double sized PSU in the first one.


I have no Idea what that means, I do apologize again.


Tha wattage you need for the rigs, compared to the wattage PSUs you bought, are much different. The last two rigs will run off of a 300W PSU, and your rig will run off of 500 to 550W easily, with room for OCing.

Oh, So basically I can downgrade in a sense?


Not downgrading, upgrading in terms of officiency and power savings.

For the single GPU rigs.

For your rig.

Those are the cheapest prices I can find for those PSUs.

Oh wow, thanks man, I appreciate the help, apart from that are the rigs acceptable?


They are still really expensive for what you're getting.

Here is what I'd get for yor rig. Pure SSD, an ADATA SX900 for the boot drive, M500 for bulk storage. Nvidia 780 instead of the 7990; get two individual 7970s or 7950s for much cheaper than the 7990. 1440p monitor, as well, with room for your other peripherals. The 4670k is fine, but I could easily trim the rig up if you want the 4770k. Pair it with an Mpower Z87 and Phanteks PH-TC14PE with two Noctua NF-A14s, and you'll overclock the hell out of that!

For the artist's rig, I'd get this:

Much more powerful GPU for working with images into the gigapixels. Similar all around, and the larger sized PSU simply because PcPartPicker doesn't have the G 360. I highly recommend the Firepro V7900 for anyone serious about rendering or editing, especially paired with the 1440p Asus panel in the prior build.

For the musician/composer, I'd get this:

STX is a better sound card, but if he is playing through headphones, get something like a Magni and Modi from Schiit, dedicated amp and DAC; much better audio :)

Pretty similar, all throughout, but really, they are much better than the rigs you had in terms of price/performance.

Hope that helps :)

Cool!, thanks again man, I appreciate all the help :D

No problem :)

If you have any questions about what I changed, don't just blatantly buy them, feel free to ask :)

Will do! :D


Thanks for the advice! :D