Help a Noob Pair a Bluetooth Controller on Lakka

I've got Lakka running on a Pi 3 and I have a bluetooth gamepad that I need to pair with it. I have to pair it using the terminal, because Lakka devs be like "Who needs a GUI not like they're easy to use or anything". Now I know I need to use SSH to get to the terminal but I don't know/couldn't find the commands once I got there. So far Lakka has kicked my ass and I refuse to be beaten by a machine pls help :slight_smile:

So, Lakka runs on top of Arch.

This section of the Arch Bluetooth wiki page should help you

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Thank you good sir! Now I just need to get the inputs working!

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You're very welcome. The archwiki is going to be your friend when it comes to underlying software on Lakka.