Help a noob out

I'm moving over from console to pc and I'd like to get a good starter computer with room for udgrading and so far the only help I've gotten is the constant bantering of "BUILD YOUR OWN" but I (for some strange reason) am really likeing this computer

i already plan to purchase a better graphics card with at least 2GB and maybe a new power supply but havent looked at anything yet.

i love the 1TB hard drive and and septical about windows 8, idk just thought I'd mention.

but if somebody can point me in to right direction for the same or better stuff for the same or better price I'd love you forever

So what are you asking actually? $600 gaming PC with peripherals?

that pc will game no better than a xbox lol hd6670 is for 720p gameing

definitely build your own dont buy that pc!

Just for reassurement on the computer or a point in the right direction because I don't wanna pay $600 dollars then relise that the $400 dollar barebones kit over there does the exact same. Cause like i said, I'm new to this whole gaming pc world so i don't know my head from my ass right now

I planned on uprading the graphics card, this is to just get me going

To give you an idea of what's going on. This is how much it would cost you to build something roughly the same as what they're selling.

The Big issue is the cheap power supply. I've had my luck in the past with cheap ones. Had one last 3 years! It's just too risky.

If you build it on your own for the cost of what they're asking, you can include some nice stuff for the $100 difference. (better PSU and Aftermarket cooling)

Hope this helps!


Im not extremely knowledgeable with AMD FM2 series cpus, but wouldnt an A10 build with 8gb 1866 be faster for graphics, and a lot cheaper

And considering that he was about to upgrade the GPU the total cost would be even greater, maby $750 or $800?

No. it'll be the same. It is slightly cheaper as you said.

But for future upgradability he should go with an AM3+ platform. It's just better all around.  

if you dont have a pc monitor plug in your hdmi cable in to your tv and get a cheap keyboard and mouse (10-15$)

Yeah. Sorry I didn't see that part of his post.

For $750 you can build an amazing budget gaming rig.

Here's one for $600:

You will have to buy a new psu as well as a gpu if you buy that as it whont be a good one or have enuff power for the new card 

I would go fm2 if he isnt upgrading, but since he is id go am3+ like you said, also Is it me or did newegg stop offering DIY pc combos with gpus for the most part.

Ive got 2 decently sized tvs (don't know the specs off the top of my head) that i wanted to hook up with a hdmi splitter because i like minecraft and feed the beast so i wanted to have the game going on one and like a wiki on the other

Take out the ssd

Use a 1tb hdd instead of the 2tb

Use a 7850 instead of the 7870

Oh and if you dont like win 8 use classic shell(i think thats what its called) and it can look like win7

There are certian aspect i like, i like the tiles, but i don't like how it's made for tablets and the pain in the ass it is for people with dual moniters but like the video i saw said, it might get fixed in the first service package

Build your own. Try checking out the Gigabyte 970A UD3 ($77) motherboard with a Phenom II X4 965BE ($89) with an aftermarket cooler like the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus ($26) and at least 8 GB of RAM clocked at 1600 MHz ($41) with a 1 TB HDD ($59) a 600 W semi-modular Corsair PSU ($64) a Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 XT ($234) and a NZXT Source 210/220 ($39/$49). Don't know exactly how much that toals up to, I'm just listing off the stuff that I know the prices for off the top of my head. Check for current pricing and availability. It should wind up being around the price you would have spent upgrading the other build, and it happens to have four full cores rather than the piledriver modules. And that graphics card is a beast for the money. It also happens to work color-wise with the motherboard.

7870xt is out of stock on newegg and is $250, also id rather try and pick up a sapphire 7950 with a combo deal and cpu so it would be a 270-280 card, minus 13-20 on the combo, making it almost the same as the XT and much better.

Vishera runs bf3 better than the phenom, especially the 6-8 core ones, tek syndicate updated their build a pc from a phenom to a 6300, and I trust that since it runs newer games faster that use the cpu, and the 7870 is fine, but with a combo you can get a 7950 for less than $270, which is the best bang for buck imo