Help a Newbie Out at Upgrading His Comp

Hello teksyndicaters!

I'm going to upgrade my computer since I think my graphics card isn't doing it's job so well any more. It is a GTX 560. I am going to buy some accessories as well (listed below). I don't have much experience in what parts I should get for a gaming rig so I might as well ask some people that know what the hell they are doing. :D This computer is going to be used for gaming but also some video editing as well, probably just some let's plays so nothing too fancy.

So here's my planned shopping list so far:


SSD: Corsair Force GT 120GB SSD

Headset: SteelSeries Siberia V2 (My old heardset is basicly falling apart)

Some opinions and advice would be fantastic. I'm not even sure if these things are any good at all, these choices are just based on things I've heard and read. I can not afford something like this: But seriously, I can not actually afford a GTX690 at this time so take that into consideration. It does not have to be a Nvidia card, I just chose that brand since I have no experience with Radeon cards.

I probably need another mechanical drive for my computer since I fill it up with a lot of stuff, any recommendations?

If anyone also wants to take a look at my PC-specs (on my profile) and say something about that feel free (I personally think I need to upgrade some more than just another drive and a new GPU).

Help a newbie out here! :D

TL DR; Read it, it really isn't that long!

-Curiously Curious (a.k.a John)

yah of course u dont need a tesla card u would have aboslutely no huge use for it, however with the things u have picked out they look like a good upgrade to do, and with regards to the rest of your computer i would say upgrade the cpu sooner or later

Holy freaking stars! That was one hell of a fast answer!

Yeah, the Tesla thing I just did for the lulz.

Regarding the CPU, I suspected someone would tell me to upgrade that. Do you have any recommendation?

good choice on headset. for vidcard, go with the amd 7870 or 7850.

and recording is very cpu-intensive....

I will look up the prices here in Sweden for the 7870 and the 7850. This might take a while though since I'm quite busy this week (school is hitting me like a truck).

Thanks for the fast response!

i5-3570K/2500k would be a very good choice of CPU. As for the GPU a 7870 would be my recomendation. The pricing is very similar to the GTX 660, so either one will serve you well. 

ur psu... offbrand..... eweeeee....

otherwise, a new gpu and it should run fine....

7850 is just about 1600kr for the 2GB RAM version. 

7870 is about 2000kr. 

The CPU should also be replaced together with the motherboard and possibly the PSU, looks like you bought it from Komplett and they usually don't include the highest quality PSU's in their computers.

Send me a PM if you're wondering anything, another Swede here.

Hmmm, have you considered SLI with your 560?

Thank you. I will write this down right away.

Is it so bad that I probably should buy a new one?

I did, but I think it will be better in the long run if I just buy a better graphics card and then maybe do some dual stuff with that one.

Hehe, yeah.... My dad isn't the best at this stuff, I am blaming it all on him since I didn't really get a chance to research the things he bought. And yes it was from Komplett.

Do you have any recommendations for a new motherboard and PSU? (Man my money is going to be soooo gone!)

Is it just me or does it seem like the people on this site really like the 7870?

Well it's not a bad option. You could save some money now, then buy next year when newer cards come out. Then sell those 560s at ebay for cheap. 

It's a possibility. I just think it would be kinda difficult at this point in time, I will consider this though.

Thank you for reminding me that I could sell the card(s), I somehow forgot I could do that ^^.

For mechanical drvies, I would recommend the Seagate Barracuda 7200, WD Caviar Black or Blue range.

Avoid green drives, they are usually very slow and many of the power saving benefits in the drive will actually wear down the drive's life overtime.

Alright, I will take that into account. Thanks for the tip!


It's because the 7870 is a great value but both the green and the red team have some awesome cards out right now, can't really go wrong.

A lot of us do. Because it's really fast for the price( which sometimes strips the 7850 of any chance to be bought), and it's just a bit slower than $300-$350 priced cards. Plus the fact that it can be overclocked like hell.

Really, just yesterday I saw a 7870 for $100( or $150, I forget) on Amazon Ca. 

With the recent price cuts and driver optimizations, it's becoming one of the best budget ( at a $150-$250 price range) cards out there.