HELP!1st build pc keeps rebooting!

Hello everyone!I have a problem with my first build gaming pc!It keeps turning on and off ,
First I build it outside the box.. I installed the CPU,FAN,GPU,RAM then plug the 24 pin,8pin and gpu pin of the psu. turned it on using a screw diver and I got the same problem, on and off...This is my first build so I have no idea what it is, For starters I ignored it and install it inside the case thinking it will be okay after I plug in everything.I think I plugged in every cables right ,pushed the power button on the case then there it goes again!On and Off!!

Im a newbie but my theory is the problem was either on the motherboard, CPU,GPU, RAM or PSU...since I had the same problem after building it outside the case. Im leaning towards a defected PSU or damaging the Motherboard without knowing.I want to know if anyone out there know what the problem might be..

Here are a few videos of my first build.

Here are my parts


MOBO - GIGABYTE ?????? intel Z87 LGA1150 Micro ATX GA-Z87M-HD3

CPU - Intel CPU Core-i7-4790 3.60GHz

GPU -MSI N660GTX Twin Frozr 4S OC V2 ?????????? ???????? VD5128

PSU - ?????? ?80PLUS SILVER??? HASWELL?? ATX?????? 3?????????? FSP RAIDER???? 650W RA-650

RAM - ?????????? ?????????? DDR3 PC3-12800 CL9 4GB x 2 ??????? W3U1600HQ-4

Check to see if anything is shorting out the motherboard.  There might be a loose standoff or something causing issues.

Also, try switching around the RAM.  Try to boot with one stick, and then if it still doesn't work, try the other.

my guess would be that psu. Is Raider the name brand? Never skimp on the psu

FSP Group.  Usually most of their stuff is ok, though.

1) unplug your hardrive and dvd (w/e)

2)unplug your 3d card

3) boot with just motherboard, ram, and chip (plug your monitor into your motherboard)

if it works slowly add each one again 1 by one ..

"im guessing you forgot the power above the cpu though"