Hellraid - This Game Looks Awesome

Being a staff member of Tek Syndicate, I had no free time to sit and watch E3. Not that I really care to anyway since 80% of E3 is an abomination. Today, my brother showed me a game that was at E3 (even though I had previously gone through a list of all the games at E3 and this game was not on there) called Hellraid. He showed me the gameplay trailer and I was immediately attracted. Take the appearance of Skyrim, the enemy count of Serious Sam, and flying flaming skulls of Doom, and you have Hellraid.

It is going to be on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Single-player and co-op will be available, along with an online mode called "Game Master". Release is set for this year.

You can guaran-god-gamn-tee Logan and I will be playing this together co-op and one of us will be streaming it.

That minotaur thing has the same sound effects as a ram from Dead Island.

Anyways, looks like a great game for fighting loads of enemies. And zombies.


I watched everything I could from E3 and didn't see this...

It was originally being developed as a game mode for Dead Island (which is also developed by Techland), but then took on a life of it's own to become a stand-alone. I think they made the right choice.

oh wow i cant wait :)

You had me at medieval zombie bashing, I need this game in my life, that, and I'd like to support my country.

It reminds me of Hexen 2 in a lot of ways. Looks like good fun. :)

Hexen 2! I forgot about those.... re-installing. Damnit, we need ID games on GOG now.

Other than being an obvious copy and paste of Dead Island this looks awesome, I will definitely try and grab a copy of this when it comes out, I love what they have done with the medieval themes and the atmosphere of the game.

I should do an LP of H1/H2.  H2 is kind of tricky, had to do some speedhacks so the game doesn't run at insane speed.

Looks like Painkiller. 


Look great; gotta get my hands on this when it comes out

This was announced a fair bit before e3 I believe.

Reminds me a lot of Chivalry with a strong fantasy element. I think it looks pretty bad ass!

This game is like Hexen on steroids

It looks like hexen improved and up to date cant wait to try that out.

Dead island mixed with chivalry. Looks great.

Now I miss Serious Sam :(

Dark Messiah of  Might and Magic anyone?