Hello World :-) I have an old set of Dell Altec Lansing ADA995 speakers an looking for an external audio device to drive em with linux drivers.. official or no..?

I am trying to revive this 5.1 surround amp an speakers… it sounds great… but I am not sure what external sound card to get… I am using a laptop with Fedora 36 on it… an I really don’t wanna go back to Windows… I don’t ever wanna go back, not even in a VM unless I got no choice whatsoever…

It connects with stereo jacks… I can maybe convert to larger jacks to plug into xlr if needs be…maybe some sort or scarlet… .? Something that supports dolby… atmos support wud be deadly as I cud plug also into me headphones etc… maybe am I asking too much… ?

I hope to use it to watch movies on me projector… home theatre surround etc…

All help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



Edit: What about these Focusrite devices I read they work in linux… Also curious bout Roland external audio devices or behringer ?

You probably have a stereo jack for headphones on your laptop. Plugging the front left/right plug into that would only utilize 2 channels, but may be worth trying out as a start.

To be able to derive full 5.1 surround sound from your laptop you probably need a cheap 5.1 external sound card.
Something like this:

It seams most of those are only supported in Windows…

Will they work ok in Linux ?

I’m curious / was considering doing virtual surround processing in Pipewire an using like a scarlet or a Roland to split the channels through stereo outputs etc… I could then also use this ext device to plug in my guitar an me mike … or a friends bass an run it throught the 5.1 that wud be great…

As I say just explring options. but I like the idea of utilising all those extra cores for sound processing… I cud even add two powered speakers for dolby atmos XD at a future date… as I wud have the extra channels :slight_smile:

Look through the reviews. Only buy a device with mentions of Linux support if this is your requirement.

E.g. Bad board design

AFAIK External DACs will just work out of the box.

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USB audio is a standard protocol much like Mass Storage Devices and does not require any special drivers to make use of it. So yes, it will work under linux, pretty much every audio DAC will.


Thanks guys… thats good to know.

Mucho Gracious :slight_smile: