Hello Logan: Question about VPN

Hello Logan,

I have a Question about VPN I am thinking about purchasing a VPN for my dad since his ISP "XPLORNET" Is absolutely horrible. I play League Of legends quite frequently Watch Streams and Use netflix quite often i have not in the past 3 years Seen my internet speed above the speed we got with a 56k modem his current speed is at approx. .4mbps and im wondering if a VPN will improve my internet speed or what will i require No isp serves us where he lives and i am currently back and forth between Stations. This Xplornet BS Is getting on  our nerves Would love to have some help.

"Xplornet is focused on providing high-speed wireless and satellite Internet for rural areas of Canada, and many of Xplornet's customers live in areas that are not served by cable Internet, DSL, or HSPA stick or hub." -Xplorenet homepage

It seems like you're getting slow speeds due to the network infrastructure your ISP fundamentally uses. VPNs help out with ISPs with proper cable/fiber infrastructure mis-manage their networks but VPN technology can't improve the quality of the connection itself. 4G internet is never going to be as good as service provided over copper or optics.

I'd recommend talking to your ISP and asking if they have any tips on how to maximize the quality of service you currently have or switching service technologies if possible (switching ISPs).