Hello! Just want to have some question. I love Wendell

I'm kinda lost but i hope you guy can help me right now. I'm doing a project which i have a filming company with 80 computers, couple of enterprise switches and two server to work with. Please help me to design the network

So far, what i have is the 80 computers will be a mix bag between very high end computer (Titan X with Quadro card) and mid-end computer (980) and roughly around low-end computer (just for word, excel and general stuff). Those computer will connect to two of the smart switches with couple of printers which will connect to the modem from the ISP (whoever served) best in the area.

My first question is how many modem do i need since you need both LAN and Backbone network ?

So my modem will connect directly to the first server. The first server will be data/file server. The second server will be at another center (off site) and it will back up the primary server once the changes has been made for the primary server.

Is it a good set up so far ?

I also will add couple of routers like this so you can have the wireless internet across the building for guest.

ANd i have another question. Let's say the server is in Chicago, and the filming crew at New York wants to access the data for some more editing/ access. How do they do that ?

And last but not least, i plan to have a room on the floor level which contains the servers, couple of switches. But do i just run unshield twisted pair from the switches on the floor level to all 3 floors ?

Let me know what you think and please help me out since this count a lot for me and my class

I think this would be a question for @DeusQain

A modem is your gateway, like a house modem?

Is this a real endeavor, or is this a school project?

Half of it is school but im actually working with the same guy who try to hired me, so got to take it serious

For short, my teacher is also my employer who try to recruit more tech people for his own company

If somebody can enlighten me on this subject, .... that would be awesome... I will own you two cookies :)

Well, lets start with some basics.

The "Routers" you have listed in your OP, are Access Point's, they are NOT routers.

Short answer: They don't.
Long Answer: Editing video remotely doesn't happen, they would need to download all the raw assets and edit on their local machines, then upload when they are done.

This requires a lot more info than what you have provided. Normally when running cable between floors, you will need plenum cables, it can be unshielded, but it depends on how much electrical noise is running in your vertical cabling area.

Your modem will connect to your network backbone, and your local server will connect to a switch.
Your remote backup server would need more information, is it being kept in another office location?
Or would you be using a remote backup service?

As far as having 80 Computers, You will likely need a few Gigabit Switches depending on the load and location. (minimum 3 since you have 3 floors)

This is NOT a small project. by any means.

I'm sorry, so something like an ASUS AC68U work in this case. ? and then the extension so the range can be extended throughout the building

What i mean is people at the base can upload raw footages to the web servers, and then people from other places be able to go to server and download the footages from there and vice versa.

I mean i plan to have 3 switches for each floor and one for the backbone.

Can you please explain more about backbone. I kinda sort get it but it doesn't get it all the way

The other server is being kept as an off site data center ( maybe like amazon data center) so in case the main server is burnt down, there are still a server somewhere with all the data that they need.

My simple thought is just run the unshielded cable through many feeder holes and from there, based on where is the table is, we gonna create row of wires and from there , each cable from the switches will go off to the computer

Wow, thanks for the help Qain :) You're cool with your black glasses in NY. I live close by NY

Google wifi access point. What type of devices are using the wifi and how many?
To have the best wifi coverage you might need multiple access points. Imagine spheres.

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I don't know. You never know how many guest will come past your door. However, i would imagine some small number

What is google wifi access point ? I don't know since i'm just based on the home network that i'm with

When going to an enterprise level you do not use house based wifi routers. When I mean google I mean google.com and type in access points.

Waiting for an email from my previous boss, he had a brand of access points he liked.

Cisco ?


Well, i guess we're waiting for Qains then

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Arubanetworks.com That is the company my previous boss was talking about. At my last place they had house wifi routers for access points.

I'm sorry, let me rephrase my question. We have an office with 2 floors (instead of 3) and 80 computers. There are also 2 servers lying around. How would you design the network for that office.

You probably need to do some planning. 80 computers, how many printers, how many wifi defices (if any), how many rooms do these computers use, how many in each room. how much bandwidth do they use. some will obviously use more than others (editing rigs pushing or pulling video from the network). How big is the place, you said 3 floors. remember cat cable is only rated for 100m (or 90m+10m) lengths.

Your modem will be connected to the internet, and on your LAN side it should be connected to a firewall/router, this connects to your core switch/router (assuming your firewall isnt also doing thich job) connecting your internal servers and switches around the building. There's your backbone albeit a simplistic one.

Best to wait for Qain. All I know is you need access points, not house wifi routers. For the access points you place them where you get the most coverage/crossover. As wifi expands in a sphere you need those to touch. This keeps your wifi in range of everyone.

Also you never mentioned a firewall.

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You two floors, how big are the floors, are there multiple rooms on each floor, or is it an open floor plan? Where is the Demarcation point in the office space? Does your Data room meet the local fire codes? safety codes? What is the greatest distance from your data room space and the furthest workstation?

Do you want WiFi for employees or guests? Both? What are the walls made out of? Concrete is harder to penetrate with WiFi than simple wood and drywall.

80 Computers or 80 workstations? You say they are editing rigs, are we dealing with 1080p video? 4K? (8K?) Each of those have certain bandwidth requirements when dealing with a network of systems. 80 computers, you are looking at two 48 port switches minimum. Depending on how many will be accessing the Fileserver you may need more to increase your inter-switch bandwidth.
Will there be phones into each user's desk? if so will they be VoIP phones?

There is more to setting something up like this than just throwing a bunch of cables into a closet and connecting them to a switch?

You are asking for a full network design, it's not a simple or easy project. I spent six months planning out the network infrastructure for my office, we only have 28 workstations, two conference rooms, and a reception area. To work out everything I had floor plans, with dimensions, including electrical and lighting. My office was brand new construction.

I've been thinking really long about this, and the bottom line: This is normally something I would charge a consulting fee for. You say you are near NY, If we could work out a consulting deal, I could come out to the space and help design and build the infrastructure. Is there a budget for this project?


Around 20000 to 25000 sq ft. I will be open floor plan with some offices for boss. Lots of squres for worker (120 to 150 sq ft per worker
How can you determine demarcation point ?
Yes, all the codes will be maintain.
Can you just run the RJ 45 cable from the switch from server room to the furthest computer

Both guest and employees, but mainly for guest. Dry wall

Not all of them will be workstation. Only some of them are heavy editing (Titan X with quadro), some of them will be editing (980) and some of them are only word, excel and other function ( onboard graphic)
Thisswitch work ?

Yes, there's phone, but no VOip, just regular with extension

I don't really know how to plan out for the wires at this point

This is a school project. There is a list of assumption that i have to make.
I live 4 hours away from New York City. DC to be exact. However,i would love to pay you some fee for you to get on skype or some type of voice some sort and discuss about this.

Thanks for the help

And i still don't get why backbone network is important

You have a 100m limit for cat cable.

Wheres all that data going to go from those workstations? To the main part of your network so it can be pushed places.

If this is a school project (is it real or theory?), and this will sound rude but why are they asking you to do this when it really doesnt sound like you've been taught much if any networking fundamentals?

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