Hello everyone i need help with a with a few things in windows 10

i would like to say hello to everyone … i joined this place as out of all the places this seems like the place to come to with people much smarter than i… chipset

i got my pc not to long ago from origin and it seems that windows 10 does not recognize my chipset driver from intel … i have windows 10 and no mater how many times i install it … it does what you see in the png… a nother thing is windows 10 water mark showed up today… im asking origin to … how i miss linux mint lol

Do you mean the “INF update setups” from Intel? If you do those are just naming schemes and no actual drivers (Since about 77 chipset series, maybe earlier).
Does anything not work with that exclamation mark present? If everything works, just ignore it.
About the Win10 watermark I have no idea…

What drivers have you installed? Test mode exists if for treating unsigned (untrusted/validated) drivers etc.

That would suggest you turned it on or were installing things that probably shouldn’t have been installed and they turned it on.

You can turn it off with this bcdedit /set testsigning off. Make sure it won’t affect whatever was installed.

looks like Microsoft fixed it it was a bug in my system … ty you guys … and ty you eden