HEEEEEEELP "Troubleshooting with Crosshair-V"

I just finish building my PC but it can't seem to post at all. I am stuck in the Q-Code 5d error and Google seem to not pinpoint me to the answers I need so I leave my faith up to you guys of the Tek Syndicate forums.

here is my build:

AMD FX-8350

Seagate Sata 40gb HDD

Crosshair V Formula Z

Hydro H100i

Cosair Vengeance 8GB

NEX750B Power Supply

allways my first question did you connect the cpu power connector right?

yep. all the power is connected.

Also I have try to post this machine with one RAM and it gave me the A0 error(IDE initialization is started)

If I try two, I get my loathsome 5d Error.


i have a bad feeling that you have bad luck with your motherboard,

just rma the board, it sounds like faulty ram slot or pci-e slot. to me. did you also try all pci-e x16 slots?

Anytime I have post issues, I unplug everything I can from the board.

It would be a poor connection of another component, a compatibility issues with hardware pieces, etc

Make sure you have the RAM in the correct slots, and if you have multiple PCIe slots, try slotting your video card into the others.

Also Try clearing your CMOS

Here's an update:

I put both my RAM to the A2_B2 slots and I got the Q-Code 10 Error(PEI core is started).

I'm going to try switching my card to the other slots to get a different result.


I tried swapping my card in different slots. It didn't work. Still got the Q-Code 10 Error.


went to talk with ASUS.

My NEX750B(PSU) or my motherboard is the problem. Thanks guys for your help.