Heavy stutter at times when gaming/streaming, black monitors after Fold @ Home for a while at full power

Edited this to be PSU as it seems it’s the culprit.

I have a 1080 Ti with a Corsair H105, so the temps are never above 30°C it seems.

But when gaming and streaming (with CPU encoding) I get heavy stutter for a while, and frame rates goes from around 150 down to 12-20, and after a while it goes back up.

And when I use Kombustor to stress the system, it worked easily for 20 minutes and never went above 30°C, and in Folding @ Home with the power setting set to full power, it works for a while, and temps are fine, then my monitors lose signal and go black, but I the system keeps running and it keeps folding at least with CPU (I hear the fans still running at high RPM), cause I have to force it off by holding the power button down until it turns off to make it work again as I don’t want to wait for too long in this state to see if the monitors get signal back.

I also have heat sinks on the RAM and VRM on the 1080 Ti, and there is a fan on the NZXT Kraken G10 that blows across it, and the case has great air flow, so I don’t understand what’s wrong here. There is also proper contact with the GPU and cooler, with proper amount of thermal paste. I used the original factory applied paste first, then replaced it to se if it helped, but it still happens.

I have the Corsair AX860i that power my system, which is the 2950X and the 1080 Ti. I assume it can deliver power enough for the system even if I run Folding @ Home with full power.


I thought it might be related to power (which it might still be for all I know), so I added another cable so one just uses an 8 pin and the other just the 6 pin part. But it still happens. Not even sure that would help in any way. I do see the card use up to at least 262W, but temps stayed below 33°C (I moved things around a bit and it’s now exhausting at the top instead of getting fresh air from the front, so it’s a tiny amount hotter, but still far from too hot). The CPU uses around 160W I think, and stays around 58-62°C.

does the CPU and GPU fold fine if you do it one at a time

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Good suggestion. I am not sure why I didn’t check this already. But I did now, and nothing happened, it worked fine. The CPU used just under 170W and the GPU 271W, and no problems.

So I assume it might be my PSU not handling the load. It’s about 7 years old now, so maybe it’s getting long in the tooth.

I’m gonna let both run now at medium folding power to see if it handles that.

you probably should replace it as fast as you can so it doesn’t take something with it when going down

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Yeah, will be within a few weeks, no money before that :stuck_out_tongue:

So I can buy the be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 850W now, which is a good PSU and it gives me around 20% marging for what my system can use as max, or wait a few weeks and get the Corsair AX1000W which seems to be even better, and the margin would be even bigger, but how much of a margin do you need?

I am getting info about them from Tom’s Hardware as they seem to have quite in depth reviews, and have reviewed both of these, and the be quiet! is from 2015, so maybe the newer AX1000 is worth waiting for. The price difference isn’t huge.

The reason I’m focusing on these is they are available now or soon and are around the same price, kinda.

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