Heatsink recommendations

ok to start off i just put together this new rig from some parts i got around the house

Mobo------> GIGABYTE GA-MA&785GMT-UD2H


CPU-------> AMD Phenom II x4 965BE


Case------> Xion Vantage



CPU temps are around 48 degrees C which is high from what ive been reading from others and im only running chrome nothing heavy im afraid to run a game in fear it will overheat...I even switched the CPU fan to pull air off instead of blowing on the cpu to get the temps down and added a loud 80mm on the side to help as well.

still using the stock fan so i wanted some recommendations for new heatsink thats no more than $50 and fits well in my case thanks guys :D

bang for buck you cant get much better than the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO for $25-$30

If you what to spend some more look at the Xigmatek Dark Knight II or a Noctua heatsink

only thing i worried about is if it gets in the way of my Ram since on this mobo they sit really close to the CPU 

if youre mobo is realy tiny i would say something like this.


or this


but 48 degrees under full load is not that bad..

I think those are his idles.


then its bad :D

yes those are my idles :D i flipped the cpu fan backwards and it went down to around 118-120 at idle but its sooo loud running at 5000rpms.

ive never messed with watercooling before so i would be nervious about that...thanks for the suggestions ill probably go with the 212 evo since ive been watcing reviews about it.

thanks guys you helped a lot :D