Heatsink Mounting Issue

I'm having trouble getting a Hyper T4 to fit in a build I'm working on. With the default mounting solution, its hitting the RAM heatsinks and won't mount securely. I can return the RAM and get low profile DIMMs but that could take a week or even two. I'm wondering if anyone has an idea for a way I could mount this and make it work.

These are the parts I'm working with:

The Hyper T4 actually fits perfectly when you place it in vertically, but the mounting brackets that work off the stock FM2 latch forces me to mount it horizontally. If I had low profile RAM, or if the mobo had them positioned just 10mm out it wouldn't be a problem. Anyone have an ideas or am I SoL?

This is all based around an A10-6800K build I'm doing for someone. Unfortunately, the stock cooler was far too underwhelming. The APU seemed to be hitting around 80c with the GPU maxed in Furmark and around 95c with Prime95 running alongside. With the ambient temps at 18-19c, this could become a real problem if the case doesn't get enough airflow or is running on a hot day and both are likely.

With that socket and motherboard, I don't think there's much you can do.

I guess my other option is to return the Hyper T4 for something else. I would need to return it to the MicroCenter in Houston and get something else that they actually carry. Does anyone know of a heatsink that they have in stock that won't have the same issues as the Hyper T4?

Edit: I think these are my two best options:

Cooler Master Hyper TX3 92mm


ZALMAN CNPS5X Performa 92mm FSB

Both look rather crap... though the Zalman looks like it will mount vertically and exhaust out the back better. The Hyper TX3 looks a little more sturdy. Neither looks to even be on the level with the Hyper T4 and I was thinking that thing was rather sad. :(

So looking into it more, the Hyper TX3 looks like the better option. It is supposed to be really quiet even running at higher than average RPM and it seems to do a better job cooling than the Zalman CNPS5X.

The Hyper TX3 looks to be 20mm shorter than the Hyper T4, which is good because the heat pipes were nearly touching the side panel. It also looks a lot more compact. Even though it mounts the same direction, the heat pipes, fins, and fan should all clear the RAM slots without a problem.

Anyone disagreed or have another recommendation?

I had one, they're fairly nice, but only if you're talking about a TDP of less than, say, 85W. If you have to dissipate more than that, your cooler is going to be quite hot.

The A10-6800k is 100W but... if you've seen the stock cooler you probably know what I'm dealing with. Almost anything would be an upgrade. Its a real disappointment though as its been fine for all of the previous APUs builds I've done even up to an A10-5800k. As much as I hate spending money on an aftermarket cooler as low end as the Hyper TX3, I think its clearly necessary and really the only option given all the other issues.

This little thing obviously isn't going to cut it for the 6800k. The heatsink is anemic and the 70mm fan is audible even with the case shoved under a desk. If you factor in the price of the cooler, I think I'd have been better off getting a 750k and spending the extra $80-100 on a discrete GPU.

Just to follow up, I exchanged the Hyper T4 for the Hyper TX3.

The TX3 came with a clip for a standard AMD latch mount, but the lock for it is detachable. This means you can run the clip through the heatpipes and mount the cooler horizontally or vertically. This was a nice surprise and makes me even more disappointed in the T4. 

Unfortunately, it has about ⅓ the surface area and is a little thicker, which brings the fan about 1mm from hitting the RAM now. It does fit though and has a lot more clearance from the side panel!

The temps are more than reasonable on the A10-6800k. At stock speeds I'm getting a max of around 55c on full load. The fan can be heard spinning up when you start to push the system, but at full load its still quieter than the stock cooler. Headaches and disappointments aside, I'm more than satisfied with the Hyper TX3. 

Nice.  I wonder why the T4 didn't have this mounting solution.

If you look at the shape/direction of the heat pipes coming from the CPU to the rad fins it starts to make sense. Passing a clip though those would be a bit different than the three evenly spaced ones of the TX3. Still, I blame Cooler Master for not coming up with a solution for this. At the very least though should have they of a new design approach. Instead they cheaped out on the AMD mounting and left it to the consumer to roll the dice on.