Heat output

How will the heat output of a Haswell i5 at stock compare to an 8350 at stock? I want my computer to give off as little heat as possible.

Intel CPUs hotter than AMD CPUs.  However most of the actually heat that a PC emits into a room comes from the power supply.  

I have a new psu en route. I am now looking to get a lower heat emitting cpu (and mobo).


The haswell CPU will output less heat into your room becasue of its low power consumption. The reason the CPU get so hot is because of the 22nm die shrink which makes the die smaller. This localizes all the heat to that small die which in turn increases the temperature of the actual CPU, but the heat output into the room will be lower. 

I am pretty sure that power supplies are not the most heat producing element in a PC. 
CPUs and GPUs can output wayy more heat into a room. 

So then are you saying that the TDW weighs in a good deal? I was thinking of going with the i5-4570S. Would the trade off between performance and heat (and money) be worth it compared to the K variant?

I would just get the K series CPU and then undervolt/downclock it so it gives off less heat.

Heatsinks absorb way more of the heat, and they don't vent directly into the room like a PSU does.  

No...? The heatsinks are still going to be exhausting that heat, unless you have a massive passive heatsink. The PSUs don't operate above 50C, usually, anyway. CPUs operate well above that, as do GPUs. Saying the PSU generates the most heat is like saying the RAM generates the most heat; they simply don't.

What PSU?

It is a Seasonic G650. Though Amazon is being a bit weird about my order and it might end up that I have to just cancel the order. Either way, I don't plan on getting anything less than an 80+ Gold PSU, preferable Seasonic.

This argument is pretty much moot. My plan is to keep the heat output of my computer as low as possible. Whether the psu, the cpu, or the gpu outpu the most heat is completely irrelevent as I will be picking each part (when I get around to upgrading that part) with heat output in mind. This thread is solely about picking which cpu will output the least overall heat. That is it.