Heard of GhentAudio?

So I got myself a Schiit Modi Multibit/Magni 2 Uber stack recently, knew I'd need some RCA cables and thought the Schiit Pyst cables were kind of ugly(and a bit pricey). So I went in search of some cheap(read:reasonably priced and not crap) short cables. The first thing I came upon was a thread about GhentAudio cables. The pictures looked nice(a few shots of M&M stacks), and everyone seemed to agree they're reasonably priced for cables in the audiophile world. Even saw someone who had received a bad cable, and GhentAudio sent a new one free of charge, and told them not to send it back knowing it would cost them more than it's worth. Hopefully no one tries to take advantage of him with that knowledge. So I bit the bullet, it took them a little over a week to get here, and I have to say they work out perfectly.

Is his website, they do mostly cables, and don't seem to charge for custom lengths, you just pay for a cable the size offered above the size you'd like and put a note in of the length. I also read someone saying he didn't charge extra for removal of the 5v from a usb cable...though I think it's kind of silly all the silver in that cable.

Anyways, just thought I'd share. And I'm curious if anyone has heard of them as well/have experience, as well as what you think.

Yeah, they're okay for budget cables.

I personally use Mogami for all my audio needs.