I know everyone is probably gona say get a 7.1 headset but lets be real here GUYS @ GIRLS  does it really matter if your just playing a game like Battlefied 3 or something like that ? I been looking in to alot of headsets, but since i am a logitech fanboy i want to get a logitech headset,But i cant choose what to get are these shown UNDER,Good for playing casual game of Battlefield 3 or should i keep looking ? And if yall know is the mic on them good or not, And last thing i want to know is, is the sound quality good on them when gaming or listening to musicor do they sound like cheap 10$ earbuds, and do they block out most Outside noise... THX    



  http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-G230-Stereo-Gaming-Headset/dp/B00BFOEY4I/ref=sr_1_1?          s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1417747788&sr=1-1&keywords=logitech+g230


 I would prefore if yall talk about this headset and not no other headsets THX  sorry to be so blunt about it lol



I don't think anybody is going to remotely suggest a 7.1 headset on this forum.

If it's like 99% of the headsets out there, it's probably a $5 mic on a $15 set of headphones.

To answer your questions more directly:

  • 7.1 headphones are a load of crap
  • I highly doubt the sound quality is anything to write home about. It'll get the job done, but it's not going to be anything spectacular.
  • Mic will probably be pretty "generic" sounding. Although noise cancelling is a nice feature if it actually works.
  • They look to be closed back, so they will block out at least some sound from outside. The mesh ear cups won't block as much as something like leather/pleather ear cups will.