Hey guys, I just bought a Logitech G230 headset.

I was just wondering, if I leave it always plugged into the back of my computer, would that cause it any harm?

I only use the onboard sound on my M5A97 EVO R2.0, and I have the headset plugged into the back of the computer, and I plan on always leaving it plugged in.


No, leaving it connected won't cause any problems.

Thanks for the help and the quick response, appreciated.

How are those, by the way?  Want to get those and I just would like to know how they sound/how the mic performs. Any loud white noise or anything?

For the price I think they're really good, they have good sound quality, very comfortable, I've only used the mic for a bit on Teamspeak so I can't really say because I haven't heard my voice back. They're pretty good for music aswell, I'd definitely recommend them.

There's a Tek Syndicate review of them where Logan showcases the microphone, here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhnMVUe_X2I

That review put the headset on my radar in the first place and the mic test is why I was/am a bit hesitant. Lot of white noise. I searched for other mic tests with less white noise and I found one. Your input on the white noise the mic has would be very helpful.

I only really use the mic to speak in-game to people, I don't record so I don't hear back my own voice, so I can't really comment on the white noise

Ok. Thanks anyways. Sorry for slow replies. Visiting family for Christmas and they live in an Internet black hole.

What I would also appreciate is your input on comfortability. I understand that these headsets are supposedly uncomfortable after long periods of gaming. I know everyone's head and perception of comfortability is different but it'd be nice to hear if that's really true.