Headset with mic?

Can I Get a Suggestion on what Headset i should get? I want a really crisp one with good pickup, but not something that can pick up my pc fans. also good padding so i can where them all day long without hearing my surroundings (like life~


the loser is me, and as you can see the pickup inst so great, and if i pre-amp my voice soundsfake too me.

i currently have the afterglow usb headset and its not bad, but i would pass it on to someone who needs it this Christmas. Christmas.

i tried posting a picture of the headset but whatevs


If you're on a budget and are looking for clear audio, the $50 Creative Fatal1ty is a good option, hooked up through the back there's clear audio, lots of base, no poor grounding through the mic. All the padding on the head piece and headphones are velvet padded and very comfortable. Comes with in-line value and mic muting if you're not the push to talk kind of player. It's $30 on newegg right now and would be a personal recommendation. If you're looking for high end, try tritton or steel series, but high end is not something I'd know about personally.



seems nice, any full proof mics? (ive had a headset like that before)

My Siberia V2 doesn't pick up my FPS clicks on Cherry MX Blue keys.  It will pick it up if I mash the keyboard though, which I doubt you'll do.

Don't get what you mean by "full" proof.

the best without a doubt = full proof. idk i mean i just want something i dont wanna replace. really decent headphones anyone?