Headset with decent mic for $50-70?

I'll be upgrading my rig fairly soon for online gaming, and unfortunately, my current PC headset is simply enough a piece of crap. Can anyone recommend a fairly decent headset without spending a lot? I suppose I could go up to about $100, but I'd really rather not unless it's really worth it (surround, excellent mic, etc).

I also have a fairly good Bluetooth headset that I have been using for PS3 that works quite well. I don't have a Bluetooth chip in my PC, but I've seen decent ones for a good bit less than a headset. Would it be worth it to just get one of those and call it a day, or should I just pony up for a "real" headset?


Also, just realized that my case's FP has a bad ground (or something like that) in the mic/headphone jacks. I've already ordered a new case; should be delivered tomorrow, will post again if that does anything.