Headset recommendations?

I was wondering if there were some headset reccommendations for headsets with a decent sound quallity and mic quallity.

My budget is 100 euros.


100 euros is almost the bare minimum for a quality headset.

The only one I personally recommend with that budget is a Steelseries 7H.

the logiteck g930 is awsome so i would recomend that one but the mic quality is not the best but it is good and the sound quality is great. its about 100 euros 

I've been using SteelSeries Siberia V2 USB for about 4 months now and I couldn't be happier ;)

Turtle Beach do a good headset for under 100 euros...its not too bad either. Has a really nice bass/treble mix and I use it for music editing, it works wonders

steelseries siberia v2 all the way

Well that depends on if the OP uses a sound card or not. 

TBs use integrated soundcards directly in the headset. 

So if he has onboard sound sure, but if he has a soundcard then he is going to run into issues.

Good point, but if he's not willing to pay over 100 euros for a headset, he's not likely to have a soundcard I'm guessing :P

You never know. =3

^ this. I have had mine for around 6 years now, never given me ANY problems, sounds amazing with a good sound card.

Get the Creative Aurvana Live + the Zalman ZM-1 mic, it'll blow any conventional headset out of the water, maybe invest in a cheap DAC like the Behringer UCA 202 and a headphone amp later on?

If separate mic & headphones is an option then bald's suggestion is the best one.