What is a good headset?  I need a mic that does not pick up static, preferably $50.  Maybe a little more if it is totally worth it.


It can either be a headset or mic.

Your not going to find a nice mic on a $50 headset. But here are some Decent options 



The Razer Kraken Pro, $79,99.


The Logitech G230's are also a good option.

I also asked for just mics.  Are there any good?  I was looking at the Snowball, but was unsure.  I would rather not have a headset, as I already have some good headphones.

I use the blue snowball, here is a sample video I made as a inbox.exe video question a while back using the blue snowball http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQ6cuDBaM1c 

As you can tell its very clear, the static you here isn't really static, It my computer fans so...