Headset for $50 USD

My little brother is currently looking for a new Headset. He plays a lot of CS:GO and the like so want the communication from the Mic. He also only has $50 to spend being that he's young. He wold also like it to be pretty comfortable if possible.


Don't buy a headset, they all suck. Does he have headphones?

Nope, He used to have a pair of turtle beach x12's he got a while back but they are broken.

In my experience no combination of mic and headphones (including headsets) at that price is worth buying.
To make things easier in the future I would always recommend an antlion modmic and a pair of cans for the rest of the available budget. And if it is shitty $5,- headphones at first, so be it. You can always upgrade to better headphones and you never have to think about headsets again. Ever.

I have posted this elsewhere, but check out the video Logan did with Tyler from Mayflower on headphones to replace gaming ones.
The video is old, but a lot of the things that they say are still valid.
Tek Syndicate Gaming Headsets Suck Make Your Own For $50 or Less
Plus some of the ones mentioned in the $150 video might have dropped
Gaming Headsets Suck: $150 Replacement Guide

Thanks, Ill look into it for my brother.

be a good brother buy him this tell him to wrap the head set around his neck and bend the mic into a comfortable position and then use his $50 on a nice pair of headphones.


I uses these as the mic and I use my Sennheiser 598's as the headphone

(it felt weird on my neck for the first 2 or 3 days but ive been using them as my mic for the lat 6 years still going strog)