Headset + dedicated usb mic

so im currently looking at the razer kraken forged editon

119 euro's

and the blue yeti

129 euro's

any 1 has a better combi that you would suggest?

max price 250 euro's for the both

As far as microphones go I use the Antlion Mod Mic.

And for headphones I use the Audio Technica ATH-AD700X

Both were reviewed by the Tek Syndicate and I am happy with my set up. Well If I remember correctly they reviewed the Audio Technica 900x but the 700x has been a dream.

Edit: Both have cables that are long enough to plug into the rear I/O and allow for plenty of slack and...
I purchased this so that i can use them with my PS4 because the 'Gamer' headset that I purchsed to use with the console was absolute rubbish.

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