Headset decision

Hi. I was wondering if I should get a Razer Carcharias or a Razer Kraken, with a focus on mic quality. Thanks!


I would probably go with this 

I was thinking something in the $60-70 range, with background noise cancelling

I know it's out of your pricerange but I have a pair of Razer Megalodons and I love them

I would go for LOgitech or STeelseries

I know the usual choice of headsets are Logitech et cetera. As a lower cost option I happen to really like my ASUS echelon (same as the ROG Orion). It's a good headset for music and gaming.

I couldn't find the Echelon, here is the Orion.



In my opinion, the steelseries siberia v2 is a good headset.


i would suggest for u to save ur money, and go for something more quality, razer kraken is the better of the 2 but it's not a great product.  It performs ok..but if your going to stereo headsets, i would agree with alexoneill.  Steelseries makes a much better product, with much better drivers in the headset.

My recommendations would be:

  • Sennheiser for stereo
  • Astro A40 or A50 w/ mixamp-pro

Main reason i suggest those 2 headphones is because for stereo sennheiser has bose like quality speakers, great treble and bass and a great variable mid,  the headphones will cancel out any sounds that clash together which is VERY important in getting clean sounds.  The astro for multichannel sound i suggest mainly because of the amplifier it comes wtih, amplification is always overlooked but it's very important when it comes to multiple speakers giving out sustainable and crisp sound.  The headphones also run 5.1 with a simulated 7.1 running on dolby digital live through optical toslink.  It also has a stereo adapter, will also run on consoles no problem.  This headphones is VERY flexible.