Headset broke - Seeking new headphones

Hi there all who are willing to help me on my glorious quest today. I've had a pair of Razer Kraken Pro for the past month and they broke today (plastic cracked) from a tug on my wire. I was shocked a small tug cracked the plastic. Boy did I make a mistake trusting Razer in the headphone department. Therefore, I am seeking a new pair of HEADPHONES.

I am in Canada. I do not want to spend over $100 dollars (w/o tax) on a new pair of headphones. I do not want a headset because I realized another mic I have is sufficient enough to talk to my friends on skype.

Here are things to consider:

  • I love gaming and have a passion for gaming.
  • I also love listening to music
  • NO USB headsets. Period. Actually, no headsets at all. Unless you can really come up with one with better audio quality than most headphones at the price point.

Therefore, I am seeking a good pair of headphones for music AND gaming under $100. I was looking at the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro (which actually are around $115 in my local store). Does anybody know a better or equivalent pair of headphones I can get for under $100 considering my needs? Please try to stick to experience with a product rather than linking random products under $100. Build quality and audio quality is vital, as I do not want a second broken piece of crap.

Edit: I would rather have closed ear earphones in priority over open ear ones.

Just an idea...

Since I have never a Razer product, I do not know their RMA policy, but I would definitely check with them if you've only owned it for a month and such a small thing broke it. Something about the unit could have been defective. When you speak to them though, mention it was after light use and not that you tugged on the cord at all. I'm pretty sure all companies mention that it's not covered at all if you do.

Sennheiser is always a good bet though.

Best of luck!

Honestly I think the product was just bad in general. To have plastic break that easily goes to show how ridiculously cheap the build quality was. Also, I took a look at Razer's Warranty, and it doesn't look like they will be very friendly. Razer makes terrific mice and keyboards but they need to improve in terms of audio products. Thanks for the advice!

You're paying over $100 for a new headset when you can pay less than a dollar to fix it? it's just a crack in the plastic it's mot the end of the world!

I've contacted Razer and they will handle the repair. I would still like recommendations since I do not want to take my headset to the outside world anymore. Plus headphones are much better for the music experience than headsets. I forgot to mention the headset DOESN'T work any more so the wire is fucked on the interior. Would you like me to fix that as well?

I think the Pioneer Se-A1000 is about a hundred buck on Amazon.ca

Open = good for gaming, and I have a pair myself if you have more questions.