Headset around 120$


I am looking for a decent gaming/headset around €100/100$

I did find 3 headset i really like.. i would love to have good sound, and maybe the suround sound can be nice im playing a lot of racing games and shooters etc..

Kraken 7.1

Steelseries Siberia v2 black 

Logitech 7.1 g430

What do you guys think? any experience with these products?? 

Which one should i choose ??  or if you got other similar headsets  please let met know!!

Thanks in advance!!


first of all, go with headphone with mic(if i didn't write this, someone other is going to write this)

if you really think about the sound quality, you must go with anolog headset, what is your audio source?

just my asus motherboard no sound cards what so ever.. but i prefer just pair of headphones that includes a mic because for normal use i got a good speaker set..


okey, try too see the razer blackshark or the tritton ax 720+/pro. if no one of this is for you, go with the razer tiamat 7.1


These are more then $120 but I think they are going to be better then many of the other gaming head sets out there.  I would find some headphones you really like for about $80 and get a modmic and attach it to the headphones to make a headset.