Heads up! Latest stable Fedora kernel is now 4.14.4. WILL CAUSE ISSUES WITH OLDER NVIDIA DRIVERS

Nvidia users using older drivers are SOL. Nvidia has not released a patch for this update and are basically MIA at the moment except for using (urgh) Nouveau.

If you can stay on 4.13.16-202 and you have to use older drivers, DO SO.

Otherwise, the update to 4.14.4 means you HAVE TO update to 384.98 in order for the included patches to work.

Is this a Fedora kernel specific issue? My 4.14.4 kernel on Arch with my GTX 1070 on the nvidia drivers have worked just fine.

I updated the kernel to 4.14.4 on Fedora and SDDM instantly segfaults indicating kernel modules were not properly built on 384.59.

For the record though, I was on the nightly kernel channel last I tried 4.14.4, but if nothing changed, it spells bad news.

Edit: Wait… I’m stupid. The patches are only for the latest drivers…

Do not update to one where the OpenGL version is 4.6 though as that breaks a ton of stuff.

I am running the stock 4.15-rc3 kernel with nvidia drivers, I had to apply the below patch to update nvidia to work with the new timer API.

[email protected]:~$ uptime
05:04:29 up 1 day, 3:55, 6 users, load average: 0.96, 0.91, 0.93

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Amended my post. Typing to you from 384.98 and Fedora 26 with 4.14.4. Older drivers will all cease to work when you update the kernel, so update to the latest one without changing your OpenGL version from 4.5 cause that breaks a crapload of stuff.