I have Senheiser 555, bought 10 years or so ago, AWESOME, LOVE THEM... but when I put them on these days I'm starting to feel... Hmmm... Damn my speakers sound so much better ( [in edifier we trust) Edifier S730 = OMFG YES). I just need some headphone to match the OMG YES. I don't want to piss my neighbours off all the time so there must be something over ear that can quench my thirst for quality, bass and top end.

What do you recommend?


I'm sure you've heard this before, but Audio-Technica ATH-M50x's are superb. They have fantastic range all around, and their acoustic fidelity is off the charts. They're so good that when I listen to piano music, I can hear the individual hammer action of each key, which is a level of detail that most headphones can't provide. And, of course, they sound fantastic for pop music.

Another, lesser known contender are the noise-cancelling Soul headphones by Ludacris. The have good mid's and high's, and the bass is AMAZING. The fidelity to the actual notes is so refreshing, since most bass heavy headphones end up muddying the tone and artificially boosting the bass. These don't do that. And better yet, since they're discontinued, they run for about $60 on Ebay. Oh, and did I mention that they're some if the most comfortable headphones I've ever put on? A bit bulky, yes, but well worth the added comfort.

Check these out -





Those are amazing for their price. Not very bassy though.

Might want to consider HD 518 or HD 558 too.

I just bought a set of hifi man HE400s and I'm in love. I have them paired with a headphone amp/dac from mayflower. I'm sold and never turning back. (Links below)

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Anything goes if I get another 10 years from them...

Reviewing all of your suggestions, thanks guys.
I'm just comparing my EQ settings from speaker use to when I got my headphones on Sen HD555, Low(flat), Mid (upper end), Upper (Near max to below norm) eg 00 00 11 || 00 33 77 || 55 33 00 (slider positions), speaker mode requires something completely different (for me).

Read a quote on the "Audio-Technica ATH-M50X" - Amazon reviews - "I've been using my hd-518 for the last 5 years and they have served me well. But it was time for an upgrade. but this sound way too harsh for my ears. the type of harshness to highs you hear on really cheap earphones. Almost unusable to me. I guess my ears prefer a warmer sound overall."

It's exactly this reason I am looking for new headphones, the sound from my old hd555 has become harsh.


Beyerdynamic dt770 pro might be exactly what you're looking for... Really punchy bass... Comfy... not too expensive... they're closed back and a little plasticy but are studio monitor quality with big bass they're under $200 as well

Guys. WTF are you all doing. He has sennheiser 555s. He wants an upgrade not a side grade or in most of your cases downgrades.

For mid tier level. I would either go with the Sennheiser HD650s if you want open back, or I would try and snag some of those new massdrop fostex headphones. If you are willing to buy used headphones, I would also look at the denon D5000s.

If you want end game headphones, then look at the audeze LCD2s. If you do get the LCD2s, get a new cable. The stock cable is crappy because all the cost is in the actual headphones.

Headphones aside you will also need an amp and dac.

I highly recommend the Jolida Glass Dac 3. It is an extremely good dac at a ridiculous price. I have not heard another dac that beats it for less than 1500 bucks.

AND YEAH THAT INCLUDES THE SHITTY ODAC for all you odac cultists.

And for an amp, I highly recommend the antique audio headphone amplifier.