Well I am in need of new headphones and would like some opinions. I pretty much know nothing about headphones. 


I found these on Amazon and they had a lot of good reviews, have I made a bad choice?

Are there any better ones out there?


I really don't want to spend over $20. 


Here is what I am thinking to buy: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B004M8SAJ4/ref=mp_s_a_1?qid=1350921636&sr=1-14&pi=SL75


Hm. Well, the first question would be, what are you intending to use them for? And the second, are you sure you want in-ear headphones?

Reason I'm asking is that they probably are not the best choice if you are looking for use on your home computer or other static places. Without knowing the answers to those two q's well, I can only give general info. All in all, JVC is a decent (though nothing superspecial) brand as far as in-ears go, but I'm reading that the X1X model is not all that great - several people say that their physical size is too large (which could be a problem for this kind of headphone) - they have a 10mm drivers, which is a pretty humongous size considering your average ear... Going along the JVC line, it seems that HA-FX101 might be a better choice in terms of sq/bass.

Well I am just going to use them with my iPod, maybe ocassionally on my laptop when I am in Skype with someone.  I do like in-ear, though.


I mean size is not much to me as long as they fit in my ear, I dunno.  I will take a look at those HA-FX101s though!

If you're interested in over the ear headphones, it's always a good thing to consider the driver size, along with the frequency response that gives out the highs and lows. 5Hz-20KHz will give a deeper sounding bass, than say compared to a set with 20Hz-20KHz which will generally just blend everything all together. The lower the hertz, the more range you'll have for bass to start kickin at different tones and beats. Same goes for the high notes too, the higher KHz, the wider range you'll have for those highs.

There are plenty of other factors too when considering headphones, whether in-ear or over. I'd suggest youtubing a pair ithat you're curious about / interested in, or simply googling it for a review. 

So I generally want headphones that have a good range?


So http://av.jvc.com/product.jsp?modelId=MODL028895&pathId=162&page=3


would be better than


That is correct, depending on your preference of music you'll want to keep your eye out for decent frequency range levels. Don't forget though, this isn't the only thing that  determines the overall quality of a pair of headphones, there are other factors as well that will induce different listening results than say 2 different branded headphones with the same frequency response.