Headphones recommendations (for mobile phone/Metal)

Hey guys,

the headphones which i was using for listening to music on my phone died last week and now I'm searching for new ones and am hoping for a few recommendations. ;)

I was using the Sennheiser HD219, which I bought after I was tired of (in) ear buds, and they were a cheap start up for switching to headphones but now I want to replace them with higher quality ones which are suitable for the music I'm listening to: Power-Metal, Melodic, Death, etc (e.g. HammerFall, Judas Priest, Motörhead, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy ...)

The would be used in combination with my Htc One (which supports a higher impedence than others) while being in the public (way to university, train, etc) so they have to be closed.

My budget would be up to 100€ (135$) and if necessary even up to sth. like 150€ (200$).

I've already searched the internat a bit and found out that for metal the highs and mids should be prefered and saw the Audio Technica ATH-M50 being recommendeed by some people but they seem be a bit heavy on the bass.


So I hope that some of you can offer me some useful opinions on this topic. ;)

I would say the ath-m50s are your best bet even though they are bassy

OK, thanks for the advice and after a view reviews I've settled on the M50s. ;)