Headphones for reggae

I am looking for a pair of headphones to use for listening to reggae. I have just ordered a pair of headphones for rap/hip-hop (sennheiser HD518) due to the flat nature of the genre.

so i also need a pair for reggae (the only 2 music genres i like) and i understand that the main requirement for reggae is really heavy bass, which i do like, but not at the cost of mids, which are also important to reggae.

Highs are less important to me as long as they are not piercing, which i doubt providing there is a fair amount of bass, so to recap, lows and mids are most important.

thanks in advance

if you know any non-homophobic reggae artists hook me up pls! :3

hah, don't think there's many of those due to the Christian roots of the Rastafari, but I'm straight so not really my issue anyway.

i don't think that Alborosie is homophobic, but other than him...

think i should add that i greatly prefer open back headphones, but if they're really good, then i'll go with a closed pair

There is absolutely no reason that the HD518 wouldn't be able to do reggae well. If you have already ordered the HD518, then I would suggest that you wait until you have a hold of them until you make the decision based on your own ears. You might really like them for reggae. I don't really listen to reggae, but looking for bass heavy sound for them seems strange. Usually rap is something that you want a lot of bass for (that is what the rap fans/audiophiles that I have talked to say). The HD518 is pretty laid back in general, with the typical Senn veil. I think they should be fine.

nah, for rap you want a more flat sound as you need mids for vocals (obviously), punchy bass (pretty much anything can provide that) and decent treble for snares n shit

It matters to me, that is why I am asking ! kinda of dickish to say that you are straight, hey so am I, but I hate homophobia ! I have some choice words for you but hey, think what you think ! T___T


just because it doesn't affect you, doesn't mean it is okay! RIGHT? RIIIGHT??

I in no way condone homophobia, one of my best friends is bisexual, if someone's car got crashed into, your not happy about it, but it doesn't affect you, hence your not really bothered by it, the same can be said here, don't agree with it, but not my issue

so?!?! they would beat or even kill your friend in the most condense rasta area's in Jamaica, why is it not your issue ?? why do you condone it! it should be your issue, or else you condone it ! what is so hard to understand??!?! you have to take a stance FFS!

have a backbone mate, hate homophobia it is fucking almost 2015 !!!!


fucking hell, I said I liked a genre of music, SHUT THE FUCK UP. honestly, you would turn around and shout prejudice at me the second you knew about me, so don't give me that shit mate. I'm all about acceptance, but it's not coming any time soon, so just shut up and get on with it

I was just saying what I have heard that people like for rap. I don't personally like bass heavy anything for any genre, personally, including EDM. Anyway, punchy, impactful bass isn't something that is universal, just so you know. It varies, headphone to headphone. Some have more impact than others; some have more bleed than others; some have more decay than others; some have more detail than others; some have more extension than others. Also, the Senn veil might be a bit annoying for the vocals in rap (I don't like veils at all either, but that is me). So, see how you like them. I think that you might be completely satisfied with them for all of your music. If you don't then we can start looking again (I am all over the headphone subforum here, so I will probably see any thread that you start and will give suggestions whenever). I just don't want to see you needlessly spend money. The point of audiophilia is to make yourself happy. See if you are happy with what you already ordered. If not, then we are right back here.


As far as the guy above me, just ignore him. Don't feed the troll. He might not be attempting to troll or anything, but a back and forth with him seems to be going nowhere fast, so just stop bothering.

well I am just anti-homophobia,fascism, and racism and that answer you gave me pissed me off.who cares if you are straight I just wanted some tips on non-homophobic reggae artist ! I ain't even mad at yah!

yeah, i'll wait. I don't quite have the income for new headphones yet, but knowing how long it takes to find good headphones, I started a post now. 

thanks mate