Headphones for Gaming AND Video

So I want a headphone with a mic. a good and decent mic like a gaming headset, plus I want to plug this headphone into a tablet and watch youtube videos. I currently use the Triton AX 180, its great for skype and gaming, because you can control both volumes at once. But to plug it into a tablet is a hassle/impossible. You have to plug in the usb to an outlet, normally the wall outlet (I put my phone charger there). And you have 2 inches of freedom to move. So I want a headphone that has dual volume control gaming/skype and can easily be used for music on my tablet.

We always need a budget. Always.

How much are you willing to spend?

I don't think that buying a gaming headset is a good idea ever. I think it's always better to find good sounding and comfortable headphones made for music and use something like this in case you desperately need a mic on your headphones and not on your table.

Yes, completely. Headsets don't sound that great, even the high-end ones. A pair of nice Sennheisers, HeadFis, BDs, etc. are going to sound much better for the money.


But I wanted the dual volume control, so I can adjust both the game volume and skype volume without tabbing out of the game and adjusting my volume from the computer settings, I much rather roll a wheel connected in my headphone.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50.

You know, you can do that but you'll have to cope with crap sound and build quality.

I'll recommend you the takstar 2050 either way. I got my akg k550 recently and the difference between the takstar and the akg is not especially big. It's also quite close to the dt880 the only difference being the dt880 having more mid-bass  and less sub-bass and being more clear while the takstar is sibilant.

I was in similar dilemma couple weeks ago. I found out that "gaming" and "surround" is just gimmick to make you pay more for something that isn´t worth the extra.


Long story short i chose Sennheiser Pc 320 because when i tried it on in the shop they were very comfortable.

And from the 30 minute review there was conclusion that it is almost as good as twice more expensive PC 360. (PC 360 has wider spectrum and better mic).

One of the best headphones for value in the market atm.

Does the takstar have the dule volume controll?


I really thought about this one, but I dont think it had dule volume controll so I would have to tab-out of my game to adjust skype and game.

Does the PC 320 Have a the dual volume control thing where I can change skype and game volume with the head phones? And if it does is this device somewhere around the wire or the headset, like the ear cups

holy shit, stop asking if it has the hurr durr dual volume control and just google it.

Audio technical ath-m50's get the strait cable and then braid it. tons of vids on youtube.


no, it doesnt have derp volume control on it.... (heres a tip, headsets with volume control ofter just put a potentiometer on the ground cable, then share the ground for both drivers. both the potentiometer and common ground lower the sound quality.  headsets with DUAL volume control basically have to use usb, which means they have a sound card built into them. as they have to interface with the os. usb = bad sound quality. inline sound card = shit quality)


just buy a good headset... then make a keyboard bind that lowers your skype volume....or set your game volume to 75%, skype volume to whatever sounds good, and then if the skype farries make the voices louder or quieter magically, just change your game volume and dont touch skype.

get a Razer Kraken Pro

Can you listen to music easily with them ?

Dude you can keep your AX180s and buy this



But wouldn't I have to switch wires between gaming and listening to music, because I cant use that cord for gaming. But neat thing thanks for showing me that.

why not just make a keyboard macro and stop paying tons of money for shitty "gaming" headphones?


why would you need to change it between applications?  that cable connects your mic and headphones through the 4 terminals 3.5mm plug, it lets you listen to the headphones and use the mic at the same time.  this type of connector is standard in most tablets and many phones.

Check out FannyWang 1000 series. they have a stupid a** name i know, buut on the other hand they are only $150 bucks on amazon. and trust me, these Headphones sound great. Just make sure that you DO NOT buy beats by dre. they are horrible! I've been buying and testing different headphones for about 4 years now and the FannyWangz are great for the price.

A macro to adjust certain program volume? Do I need to make a new post of a tutorial? I have a black widow and I tried doing that but there is no such feautre.