HeadPhones for a friend? $200 Max

Hi, one of my friends asked me if I could help him with his hunt for headphones. He's not an audiophile so he isn't to picky on sound quality. He wants $100 - $200 headphones that are great sounding without sacrificing looks. He'll be using them for use on a computer with standard built in audio. He plays a few simple pc games. Any help would be great. I really want to recommend something great so he isn't disappointed. 


Watched the latest sound card video and was wondering at what point should you get a DAC for your headphones. Any price point that investing in one is a good option or is it based mainly on ohms?

It depends what genre your friend is interested in.

For rap I would go with the audio technica ath-m50

For classical music I would go with the grado sri-80i (they are fashionable if you are from the 60's!) (But really I would go for the koss pro dj100s, they have heavenly highs)

For just regular ole pop and rock I would go with the new sennheiser momentum on ears


i have a red and black set they look perfect after 2 years of use and i let them play all night the first night to burn them in

i have dropped mine and there was not a care in my mind because they are so rugged and they have a 50% lifetime warranty so if they are ever FUBAR your covered with 50% of the msrp for life!!!!

more people need these headphones they really are better than anything beats by dre will ever make  


i also use both of these when i dj or remixing because i love long cords so i have some freedom to move