Headphones and sampling Rate

Hello just wanted to say I really enjoy the tek syndicate youtube channel and really gained knowledge on narrowing down my headphone search. As a result I have narrowed my choices to Audio Technica ATH-AD900X and the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium. I am powering both headsets with a Creative X5 with gain enabled. I will eventually figure out which I am going to use but my question lies with sample rates for both playback and recording. Is it necessary or recommended to adjust the sample rates in windows to the highest setting my DAC can handle and will that improve audio quality?

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If you want gaming performance, and you do not care about anything else, get the audio technica headphone.

If you want sound quality, go with the beyer dynamic.

And yes, you will probably need to change your sample rate.

I guess it is just expected that everyone will always change the sample rates as I have never really played with that before.


Its pointless. If you divide the sample rate by 2, that becomes the limit for how high the frequency can be.

So humans can on average hear between 20hz-20khz.

Most default settings for all digital players have the sample rate at 44.1. Which means that the music can play back frequencies up to ~22khz which covers 99.9999999% of people on earth.

Some people might need to go up to a sample rate of 48 for an effective frequency range of 24khz, but that is about it.

Anything more than that is snake oil essentially.

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