Headphones and Glasses = pain

I freaking love listening to music with my headphones where I can take the time to notice the details of the piece that I am listening to. However I since I am blind and can't see the monitor without having to press my nose up to the screen, I am forced to wear glasses, and with my pair which are thin framed aluminium spectacles, causes me pain and irritation while gaming/listening to music for more than an hour. The pairs of headphones that I use are the ATH-M50, the SR-80i, and I will be getting the steelseries siberia v2 soon. I have googled 'Wearing Headphones and Glasses' and the forums mainly say to switch glasses, get contacts, or buy new headphones. I am looking for more of a cheap ass way to make my relationship between my glasses and headphones. I hope you guys can help.

I have some thicker framed glasses and I use the Sennhieser HD 429 and I don't have any pain but I know what you mean some other headphones make my head hurt with headphones on.  I think the current head phones are good for glasses because they are very light and have good ear padding.  I would recommend going to a store where you can try some out and see what works you.  Try and get some that do not close together really far when they are not on your head if you know what I mean so they don't put a lot of pressure on your glasses causing discomfort. 

i feel you, sometimes i wear them upside down

You need something with soft velour pads, like the Sennheiser HD 558