Headphone suggestions

I've been looking at a new pair of headphones that are decent for games, but are really meant for music. I do write  a little music in my spare time, so I'd like them to have pretty accurate sound. so far I've found Samson sr850's for around $50, and AKG k240's for around $70. I'm willing to spend $80 tops, because I'm not rich, and it's my first set of decent headphones so I don't wanna go balls deep into this yet.

honestly the amount of headphones on the market is very overwhelming for someone that is kinda new at this, so I wanted to know if you have any suggestions at my price point.

and keep in mind I don't have an amp

For gaming you'd wanna go for a full open back headphone, Audio Technica's ATH AD500X for $84.95 USD. The only shitty thing about these headphones are the ridiculously long wires that self-spool. It's easy to drive too with just  48ohms. It's on sale again for $77.94 + Free Shipping. It's a step up from those headphones you listed.

The only other headphones I've own to compare it with is an obsolete cheapomatic closed back headphone by Sony, MDR XD200 but still better than most gaming headsets out there and I'm thinking about modding it to change the sound signature and potentially the sound quality. In conclusion, the ATH AD500X is bar none better with gaming because of its fully open back design.

For music, I listen to a lot of Lana Del Rey and with songs like Shades Of Cool and Money Power Glory the voice reproduction is really good like I can hear her throat when she changes note, LOL; Bass production is satisfactory for me with songs like Cornerstone by Arctic Monkeys, The Cello Song by Piano Guys, and If Only by Gin Wigmore.

Comfort wise, it's a universal design so it may not be comfortable for all head size. For me it does sag a bit but maybe because of my small head but there's a work around. 

That's my pitch, but if you want more suggestions you'd have to refer to Logan's video:




thanks for the input, I'm really thinking about the ad500x's. the only thing i'm worried about is that they have to be imported. how good is their customer support?

Imported from Japan you mean? I actually don't know, you'd have to google audiophile forums for any RMA anecdotes.

I am really sick of the "open is the best for gaming" nonsense that gets spouted around here non-stop. It is not better for gaming. It is better for positional audio. Not many games actually benefit from good positional audio. Mainly it only comes into play for competitive fps. A lot of people play those games, but a lot of people don't. There are trade offs for open and closed. Logan's ignorant spouting of shit like this is what makes the audio section of this forum so ignorant and repetitive.


P.s. Yes, I have told Logan this. No, he doesn't care to listen to me.