Headphone/Sound Card problem? Question?

Hey guys,

I just purchased a pair of Sony MDR-V900HD headphones off ebay. They were bought to replace my MDR-V600, which broke. I'm just having some sound problems with them. It sounds like theres a bit of echo. The bass doesn't sound as good as the V600's. It seems like there really isn't any.

Anyone help?

Asus Xonar DX is my sound card.

do the V600's still work like they used to?

Are you sure you don't just need to break them in?

High quality headphones have a 2+ day break-in period. My audio technica's took a few days to kick in and sound perfect

I've had problems with buying legit headphones off eBay. Just last week i got a pair of CX-500's and they were fake. Maybe you got tricked too, check if they're actually genuine.

Why the hell are you buying off ebay?

Yes, my v600's still sound great. I dunno, the bass on the v900s just seems absent, its there, but its not really a nice sounding bass sound. The highs sound flat. They are not crisp and shiny. Just blahhhhh...

Give it time, your v600's have tons of hours on them maybe... New headphones (lets just say they are legit) have a burn in period. Some even say that it takes 100 hours to get headphones to burn in properly, but off course that differs.

How do I know if they are legit. The packaging and everything, looks exactly like the packaging that my v600s came in. The headphones themselves, look high quality. I sent them back to the seller for an exchange, but then I'll keep the new ones that I get and just leave them plugged into my laptop and constantly playing music. I wasn't aware of the burn in period. Thanks for letting me know.