Headphone Recomendation

Need a new pair of headphones 125-175 dollar price range and need recommendations i plan to get a mod mic to use it as a headset because i don't really love the sounds of my corsair 1500. I Would like closed headphones because my rig is in my basement and i have the ac and furnace behind me and don't want to hear it. i listen to alternative rock and play a lot of games. thank you for any recommendations

The Audio Technica ATH-M50x are generally well regarded and fairly balanced.

The V-Moda Crossfade LPs have a lot of bass if you happen to like it, and they cancel out noise very well.

thank you very much i will look into those and im not really into a ton of bass

HP100. More balanced than the M50x (by a long shot as the M-50x have a pretty enhanced bass). It is also bloody fast (I like really convoluted metal which my HP100 do fairly well, so alternative rock should be great with them). The bass response and immersion for movies and games is really good. The sub bass isn't rolled off as is commonly the case, so you get the rumble from explosions and whatnot. There are plenty of people out there who sing their praises.

If the HP100 is too much of a stretch for you finacially, then you could look into HM5 rip off (sounds the same, but better pads and cheaper) that I linked below. Pretty good response overall, and much cheaper than the HP100. Do some reading for yourself and see what you think. Check out reviews on head-fi.



thank you i think i may be able to get the hp100 i do not know if i wanna throw that much money at them i will keep looking thank you