Headphone jack not working

So I finished my build a little more than a week ago, everything going fine, really happy with it. First time I plug headphones in and nothing, set headphones as my default device and still nothing, tried with motherboards Purity Sound chip and without, same with Nvidia HD audio. HDAudio and USB 3.0 is plugged in, so it should be working right? Or is there as separate cord for that? I'm going nuts over this, please let me know if this looks like a user error because I am prone to accedintallying my PC builds. Here is a image of enabled and disabled devices, it shows sound in the headphone jack is working, but I get no sound :/  http://imgur.com/JafGgY0

try a different par of headphones, that will narrow what the problem could be

I have tried multiple... :/ 

Which jack are you plugging into. Rear IO or Front? If front is the correct cable being used?

Did you install the correct sound drivers for you mobo?