Headphone conundrum

(I was torn which of the audio forums to post this to so if a mod finds that it would fit in another I apologize.)

To start I currently use a 7.1 Razer Tiamat nice pair of headphones but I have never used the microphone on it (for better or worse) I would like to move a nicer more comfortable set of open headphones but am stuck on one feature the tiamat has that I cant seem to get around, that being the audio pass-through which allows me to switch between my headset and speakers (5.1 Logitech speakers) without messing with wires I guess this is where I would like the most help with.


TL;DR I dont know how to replicate the speaker pass-through feature on the 7.1 Razer Tiamats

Sorry also for the rambling path of the question hope TL;DR helps.


I am not sure that I understand what it is exactly about the Tiamat that you want to replicate. You said that you don't want to mess with wires while switching between headphones and speakers. That, I can replicate, fairly easily. Having an audio passthrough with a dedicated switch? I can do that too, I guess. The dedicated switch would be a hardware level literal switch which you would flip to send the audio output to one of to places. You can also do that on a software level via windows (or your OS, though I have only ever done this with windows) by having two separate outputs which you tell windows to switch between via the sound settings (start>sound>set default).

You need to give a budget though. I can make a set up which costs ~$60 or one that costs ~$10,000. Give me a range. IF you are set on open (and I personally don't think that open is worth the hassle the majority of the time), then I would look towards the Q701, K7xx, AD500x, DT880, HP200, HD668b, HD681 Evo, etc. If you are opened to closed, I would suggest the HP100 (or HP150, as they sound the same) or the XPT100. For a dedicated switch, you could get many different things. Look on amazon for 3.5mm switch, or rca switch (though you would need 3.5mm to rca adapter cables for that). As for the different sources for a software based solution, you need something that uses a usb itnerface, so an external dac or something along those lines.