Headphone Buzzing Noise! HELP - THANKS

Hi, I have a question which I really would appreciate an answer to,
For Christmas, I acquired a new pair of headphones, specifically the Audio Technica ATH-M50x in White. However, after plugging them into my PC, and put them over my ears, my somewhat sensitive ears noticed some background noise. Although very quiet, with absolute silence it is noticeable and irritating. Sometimes it sounds like extremely quiet and slow breathing, other times it sounds like a pathetic snake hissing! I've looked online and there is nothing, so I thought my best bet was to post it on forums myself for once!
Thanks to whoever reads this and/or helps me out with my problem!

Dan / Delta. :)

First thing to try is just to plug them into the back headphone port on your PC. sometimes you can get some feedback in the cable that goes from your motherboard to the front jacks.

I just recently replaced my power supply with a platinum one, which actually fixed the feedback for me.

Hey Ethan, thanks for the reply :) I've plugged my headphones into the blue socket in the back of the motherboard, says 'Audio Out' however, the buzzing and background noise seems to be worse? Thanks again.

You're picking up static noise from the motherboard most likely, do you have a soundcard? Either that, or, make sure in your Properties, Advanced Tab (through Windows > Hardware and Sound > Sound > Manage Audio Devices) that your sampling rate is set to what your onboard or sound card supports otherwise it'll create crankling artifacts (most likely 16bit/24bit 4800khz), and disable Signal Enhancements while you're at it just in case.