Headphone Buying Help Needed

So I need a new pair of headphones soon as my current ones are broken. I'm looking at a maximum budget of $120. They will be used for various things such as gaming, music, and just watching videos on you tube as well as movies. And I will be traveling soon so I need a pair that do not leak. And style is welcome as well. I was looking at the Audio Technica ATH-M50($120) coiled cable, I was also Looking at the sennheiser HD558($122) or even the HD449($80) but they both look as though they would leak. I was as well looking at the AKG K172 HD($115). All and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

From my experiance with the Rosewill Sonas headphones, They did well for all of that. I did notice they leaked very slightly, but no one complained about the leakage. This is on a city bus at that. They also cancel out background noise very nicely to. So you won't have to have the volume all the way upĀ