Headphone Audio Help?

Hello everyone, new to posting on the forums but been lurking for a while. Hope not to screw anything up lol

 So here is my problem. I ordered a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M40x + the Modmic to replace my old headset I got as a gift a while back. Long story short they kinda have that small speaker sound to them and i was wondering if a AMP or something like that would help? The audio output for them is the rear IO of my Asus Maximus Hero 7 so i doubt that is the problem? not too sure though im new to the whole sound quality thing, never really gave a crap till i used better gear from a friend.

Uhh...Yeah you most certanly need an amp for that. Motherboard is same as a portable player it won't power your headphones. True I don't remember them needing that much amplification, but. Plenty to chose from, uhh The all so talked about O2 is probably the best choice on the cheap end of things, well not quite, but it is good. There are also FiiO amps, you can take FiiO E10K, I myself use FiiO E17K for other reasons, they make my headphones sound a bit warmer than my Essence one did. Essence one did only bad to mine. :D
Now don't think it will make your headphones sound better, louder and fuller yes, but not the way they changed mine.

You are not half deaf who listens to everything at max volume are you?

Yea i looked around and noticed some FiiO portable amps for a decent price, was wondering if that would do the trick because i would also like to use this like on long car rides when im not driving and other things of the sort.

Also, no i do not listen at max volume or near it. These are plenty loud for me, i usually have them set to 15%-60% depending on what im doing. Music im normally closer to the 60%, Teamspeak and other things closer to the 15% so im not screaming at people lol

It's hard to say, looking at portable amp specs they should be more than enough to drive your headphones. Then again the specs tell me nothing. I have a pair of ATH pro700mk2, They seem to be fine on their own, used my phone once and I had to set it on half the volume. I would assume that is a common theme with AT headphones.