Headless horseman?

hi i made this build trying to get a fair amount of proformance for really cheep but i have a few questions (i didnt add a disk drive i have one siting around )


1 can i run it headless?

2 can i use it like a surver useing win7 pro remote desktop?

3  can i use it to hold my music library ? (and trust it?)

So you want to run a file server?


Don't use an APU, instead go with an similarly priced Athlon II x4 645. You'll have the benefits of a quad instead of a dual core, say if later down the line you need it to run web services or performance applications (game servers).

Changing the motherboard to an AM3+ will allow for upgradability in the long run. Such as more RAM or a better processor if you require it later on.

There is no need to run an SSD tbh. You will not be able to take advantage of the speed of the drive over a standard gigabit LAN. Also once the machine is booted, you'll see no or little speed difference when accessing files over LAN.

 The only reason there is a cheap GPU is so you can configure the server and also generate the remote display. If you have one lying around spare, just use that instead. Also the stock cooler for the CPU would be fine.

 As long as you setup the system correctly, there will be no issues with storing your music library on it. I'd save yourself some money and use linux instead of windows, it has better stability.



http://pcpartpicker.com/p/IfW5 how is this?

side note i really want to use win 7 pro becouse i downgraded my lappy to 7 pro